Help! The income tax deadline is approaching.

Bron: Tarik El-Ghani

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Help! The tax season 2018 and the deadline of 1st May 2019 is approaching: do I need to file a tax return before this date?

As a tax assistant I help Dutch and international clients with their personal  fiscal and business issues: processing of tax returns, finding a solution for (national or cross border) tax issues and advise on different tax fields (income tax, corporation tax, VAT, international taxes, gift tax and inheritance tax). I also give in house tax workshops at universities, international schools and/or companies, explaining the Dutch tax system and filing of their Dutch income tax forms to their foreign employees. Assisting and unburden our clients regarding their personal fiscal situation and the Dutch tax system gives me a lot of pleasure. 

We cannot make taxes more enjoyable but we will certainly try to make it easier for you!

New residency state and different tax law
When migrating to the Netherlands a lot of things needs to be arranged. The Dutch tax system and your personal  income tax situation is probably not on top of your to-do list. But a new country with its own tax law might raise a lot of questions and can make you feel insecure about the implications for your personal situation. Certainly as you do not want any problems with the tax office of your new residency state. This despite the slogan of the Dutch tax office “leuker kunnen wij het niet maken, maar wel makkelijker” (we cannot make it more enjoyable, but we try to make it easier for you). That is certainly not the case when you receive your first blue envelopes from the Dutch tax office as everything is in Dutch.  

Do I really need to file my Dutch income tax return 2018 before 1st May 2019? What happens if I file my tax return 2018 after this deadline? 
Due to the commercials from the tax office on the radio/television common questions we receive from our clients. Only in case you received an invitational letter from the Dutch tax office in February/March to file your tax return 2018 this deadline of 1st May 2019 is applicable in your situation. In case you did not receive such a letter from the Dutch tax office your Dutch tax return 2018 this 1st May 2019 deadline is not applicable for you. 

We simplify your tax life! 

Help, I am too busy at the moment to file of my Dutch income tax return! Can I avoid a fine?
If you received an invitational letter from the tax office and you do not file your tax return before 1st May 2019 the tax office can impose a fine of € 369 (first time offenders) up to € 5.278 (multiple re-offenders). But the tax office will send you reminders first, so no need to worry straightaway, but please always open the blue envelopes and check the contents! Tax intermediairs as AAme Accountants & tax advisors also use a so-called extension ruling (uitstelregeling) in case a tax payer needs additional time to file his or her tax return. Due to this extension ruling regarding fiscal year 2018 the filing deadline is 1st May 2020. So if you received an invitational letter from the Dutch tax office or not, no need to worry. We are happy to assist you with all your tax issues and your tax return 2018 and if required we can extend the filing deadline until 1st May next year. As a result you can focus on other things on your to-do list. 

Migration year and filing of your tax return
Regarding your first year in the Netherlands you will probably not have received an invitational letter from the Dutch tax office. Good to know is that in general in the year you start working and living in (or leaving) the Netherlands you can be entitled to a tax refund. The reason is that the salary department of your employer normally calculates the wage tax withholding based on a whole year working in the Netherlands. Therefore it is possible that when taking into account the actual working period in the Netherlands that too much wage tax was withhold and you are entitled to a refund when you file a tax return. Filing of your tax return concerning your migration year and your possible tax refund could be seen as some kind of welcoming gift; so do not miss this gift. Like the Dutch tax offices states “leuker kunnen we het niet maken, maar wel makkelijker” and do not worry too much about the mentioned deadlines on the TV and radio commercials, as there is enough time to file your tax return. But our advice is always open the blue envelopes so you can avoid as much as possible missed deadlines, fines and any discussions or with the Dutch tax office.