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If you are an entrepreneur who innovates in production or new technical products or software developments, then you can qualify for the WBSO subsidy, the R&D payroll tax allowance (Wet bevordering speur- en ontwikkelingswerk). Thereby the Ministry of Economic Affairs contributes to more innovation and a stronger competitive position of Dutch companies. The RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) is responsible for implementation.

Table of Contents

1. R&D payroll tax allowance (WBSO)
1.1 When will you be eligible for the WBSO?
1.2 Examples of WBSO projects
1.3 How much is the subsidy?
1.4 WBSO for independent entrepreneurs
1.5 WBSO for recruitment and staffing agencies
1.6 When do you apply for WBSO?
1.7 How to submit an application?
1.8 Benefits WBSO 2015

2. Research and Development Allowance (RDA)

3. Innovation box
3.1 Opportunities for a fixed amount

4. The consistency of the WBSO, the RDA and the Innovation box

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