Whitepaper The Data Breach Act

On January 1, 2016, both private and public organisations who process personal data are obliged to report any security breaches resulting in, inter alia, theft, loss or misuse of personal data. So this will include more organisations than providers of electronic communications networks and services which, under the Telecommunications Act, are already subject to an obligation to report theft, loss or misuse of personal data of subscribers or users...


  1. What is a data breach?

  2. What is the reporting obligation?

  3. What are the processor agreements?

  4. For who is this act?

  5. How can you report a Breach?

  6. When do you not have to report a data breach?

  7. What are the fines?

  8. What to do with a data breach?

  9. Which information do you need to save by data breach?

  10. How can you prevent a data breach?

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